We take pride in the cleanliness of our cattery so your cats and the cattery unit they are in are always clean, dry, warm, tidy and comfortable.


Many cats, especially long-haired cats need regular combing and, with your permission, our experienced staff will brush your cats. This is also a nice opportunity for your cats to have the interaction with our staff to help them feel at home.

Cattery Temperatures

All of our cattery units have individual thermostatically controlled heating that is checked and recorded twice a day. So don’t worry about boarding your cats in the winter (or with our weather, at any cold period of the year!), they are always just the right temperature – nice and snug in the winter and lovely and cool in the summer.

Claw Clipping

Having trouble clipping those claws? Leave it with us! Just make your request with the receptionist upon admission. All claw clips are performed by our veterinary and nursing staff. A special discount of 20% off the usual marked price applies to all of our boarders during their stay


We offer a full grooming service, with our qualified nursing staff, for your cat during their stay with us. Please note that for heavily-matted or feisty cats, sedation may be necessary and permission to do so will be requested at the time of admission.