We walk all dogs 3 times daily in our own secure walking area. For safety reasons we will never walk your dogs on the street or in public places. Our experienced kennel staff will walk your dogs on an extendable lead, either on their own or with another friendly dog.

Special Requirements

If your dog is old, arthritic or stiff, has recently had an operation, or needs exercise restriction for any other reason,

  • Walking
  • Walking
  • Walking

we can accommodate this in whatever manner you require. If necessary, we can carry your dog out for toilet walks, or just walk for shorter time periods. We will always accommodate your dogs’ needs as their health and care is our number one priority.

Group Sessions

Frequently we are able to let a group of sociable dogs off the lead together in a group play session. If your dog is friendly with other dogs, then instead of walking them on their own, they can go into our group sessions where they can run around and play with other dogs boarding with us, which for them is fantastic fun! The group sessions involve toys, balls and games and take place within our highly secured, fenced walking area. Group play times are strictly supervised by one or more of our experienced kennel managers or kennel staff. This way, you can have peace of mind that they are happy and having fun! Alternatively, if you are boarding 2 or more dogs with us, we can organise a private play session for just your own dogs to play together if you would prefer. We will ask you when you check your dog in for boarding whether your dog’s temperament will be suitable for group play.

We kindly advise that although every effort is made to ensure a safe group play, we cannot be held responsible for any sudden unpredictable behavioural exchanges that may occur between individuals during group play.