Diets & Feeding

Diets & Feeding

At Aston Clinton Kennels, we believe your dog’s diet is a very important part of its health and we endeavour to feed your dog to your exact requirements, keeping the routine as close as possible to how it is at home.

Your dogs’ food is included in our boarding price. The only time we would require you to provide food for your dog is if you would like them to eat the specific diet you feed at home, for example a home cooked or veterinary prescription diet, or if your dog can only eat a certain type of food due to a sensitive tummy or for other medical reasons.

Please advise us of any food allergies or other dietary restrictions your dog may have.

Food that we use in our kennels

The main dry food that we use in our kennels is Arden Grange. This is a super premium, hypo-allergenic totally natural gluten-free diet that is very palatable and comes in a range of varieties; puppy/junior, large breed puppy/junior, adult, senior and light, and in several flavours, the main ones being chicken and rice and lamb and rice.

We sell Arden Grange in our shop and in our on-line store. We also have free sample bags of Arden Grange dry food in the shop which you are welcome to try to see if your dog likes it before boarding with us.

The main wet foods we use within the kennels are Arden Grange, Chappie or Butchers tins.

Feeding times

We feed the dogs twice a day, in the morning and late afternoon. We are happy to feed your dog at other times if required, in order to be able to keep as close as possible to the routine at home.

Please advise us on the quantities of food that you would like your dog to be fed, and we will weigh out the exact amount required. If you have 2 or more dogs that are sharing a kennel but need to be fed separately or supervised during feeding, we will be happy to do so.

Our kennel staff will always ensure that your dogs have a constant supply of fresh water to drink. Water bowls are checked routinely throughout the day.

Bedtime treats

Every dog after their last evening walk gets a bedtime biscuit! These treats would normally include gravy bones, bonios, and shape biscuits.