Travel Containers

Custom made for comfort and safety and conforming to the latest IATA regulations, our crates are the very best but also the most cost effective way to fly your pet.

Why custom made?

Crates need to be ‘just so’. We wouldn’t fly your pet in anything less than the best. Too small and pets can feel cramped, too big and they feel insecure. Neither will do and often for the more expensive price of buying a standard sized plastic crate, you can get the very best in pet travel for your pet at what often works out to be a better price.

The airway bill (ticket) determines the cost of flying your pet with a specific airline and is directly correlated to the volume of the crate in which pets travel. A few cms longer than is needed – not only means your pet is not going to feel as snug and safe as it could in a bespoke crate, but could potentially cost you a couple of hundred pounds extra.

Can my pets travel together?

Dogs under 14kg can travel together as long as they are from the same family!

Cats can travel together in a double crate but they have to be the very best of friends!

If you are in any doubt then we can make the crate a ‘double’ but with a dividing mesh down the middle (see left).