Veterinary Care

At our onsite veterinary centre, we have considerable experience in dealing with all of your pet’s pre-travel health checks and all necessary veterinary documentation including pet export arrangements. As such, we are uniquely placed to look after all of your pets travel needs.

Our Team

As vets, we understand the stresses that your pet could encounter on its flight and we pride ourselves on a professional, caring and compassionate approach. We devote an equal amount of attention to dealing with the owners concerns and wishes and appreciate what a stressful and worrying time it can be for you. All travel arrangements are under the direct supervision of Anne McLoughlin BVSc, CertZooMed, MRCVS, who operated as an Official Veterinary Surgeon at Heathrow Airport.

Do I need to use your vets?

No. We are more than happy to work with other vets to ensure that all documentation and health checks are completed before travel. The only aspect you need to check when using your local vet is that the export documentation must be signed by a DEFRA approved (OV) vet. As the veterinary paperwork is so vital to your pets safe passage, it is advisable to use a vet with a great deal of experience in filling in these complex documents.