Aston Clinton Small Pets Boarding

Welcome to Aston Clinton Small Pets Boarding

In addition to providing boarding for cats and dogs, we are also able to board your rabbits, guinea pigs and tortoises.

We believe in providing a high standard of accommodation for our small boarders along with a friendly and

  • Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
  • Tortoises

efficient service to their owners at competitive prices. We pride ourselves in having many repeat customers that board their pets with us on a regular basis.

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Tortoises can be very sensitive to changes in environment and require special care and monitoring. Our Vets advise and assist our kennel managers whenever needed, which also enables us to board pets with any medical problems, requiring post operative care or medication.

For further information about our boarding, please click on our links on the left, or to book, please call us on the above number or pop in to meet one of our friendly receptionists.

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

We have an outdoor rabbit and guinea pig area which includes several hutches of varying sizes, some with ramps and some without. All have an enclosed sleeping area and a mesh run. All pets are securely enclosed in the sleeping areas at night. We also have cages in our veterinary centre so that if it is too cold we can bring your pet indoors. We check the weather reports daily for the temperature forecasts to decide whether to bring the small furries in at night.

All rabbits and guinea pigs are checked regularly throughout the day by our experienced boarding staff. Our vets are on-site for advice if required. All hutches and cages are cleaned daily. Their food is constantly topped up and we ensure they have plenty of water at all times. We will feed your pets to your exact requirements using rabbit or guinea pig pellets or muesli mix along with plenty of hay and fresh vegetables. You are quite welcome to bring your own food if you wish and it is often a good idea to do so if your pet has a sensitive digestion or a particular preference for a certain brand of food.


Depending on the time of year and on the specific requirements of your tortoise, we can provide either an indoor vivarium or kennel, or a secure outdoor pen on grass to board your tortoise in. Every tortoise is brought indoors overnight. Tortoises are checked regularly throughout the day by our experienced boarding staff and bathed if required. Our exotic vet is also on-site for advice. All vivaria, kennels and pens are cleaned daily. We ensure they have plenty of water at all times. We will feed your tortoises to your exact requirements and we always have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables although you are welcome to bring your own food if you prefer.

Our Small Pets Boarding Facility at Aston Clinton Vets in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire caters for all kinds of small pets including Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Tortoises etc from all over Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire including: Aston Clinton, Weston Turville, Aylesbury, Bierton, Wendover, Halton, Long Marston, Marsworth, Pitstone, Wing, Tring and Wigginton, Haddenham and Princes Risborough