Nurse clinics are run by qualified nurses from Monday to Friday. 

Weight & diet advice – Unsure which diet to feed your pet? Worried your pet is over or underweight?  We offer free diet and weight advice clinics.

Puppy & kitten advice – Recently acquired a new puppy or kitten? Our nurse clinics offer advice on feeding, grooming, dental health, house training and general advice to help your with your new family member.

Discharge clinics / post-operative check ups / stitch removals – One of our nurses will discharge your pet after

routine operations. To ensure that all is healing well and to discuss any concerns the nurse will re-examine your pet 7-10 days after the operation.

Dental advice – Worried about keeping your pet’s teeth clean? We offer advice on how to keep teeth clean long-term which can save you £££ on dental work!

Microchipping – Microchipping is recommended for all pets. The chip is no bigger than a grain of rice and sits just under the skin between the shoulder blades. The chip remains in place for life and should your pet go missing, he/she can be reunited with you.

Program® injections – Worried about fleas? Do you have trouble applying spot on treatments? We offer 6 monthly injections to sterilise the fleas and stop them from reproducing in your home and on your pet.

Claw clipping – We offer manicures/pedicures for those long or sharp claws.

Medication administration – Having trouble medicating your pet? Our nurses can demonstrate/administer medication for you.

Minor mat removal – If you notice any small knots or mats on your pet, our nurses can remove them. Refer to our grooming page if you require a full groom or major mat removals.

Sexing – Is it a boy or a girl? Our nurses can help you to determine your pet’s gender.