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Pet Cremation Services

Losing a pet is an upsetting experience as they are a much loved part of your family. Our caring and sympathetic staff are always here to help should you have any questions or worries during this difficult time.

We offer a range of cremation services for you to choose from for your pet:

Communal Cremation – Your pets ashes will be scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at the pet crematorium.

Individual Cremation – This special service ensures your pet will be individually cremated and the ashes sent back to us for you to collect. Click on our link below to view the variety of pretty caskets and urns available to choose from, should you decide to keep your pet’s ashes. Alternatively, you may choose to scatter your pet’s ashes, and in this case would receive the ashes in a specially designed box.

Scatterboxes and Scatter Tubes

If you plan on scattering your pet’s ashes yourself, these practical scatterboxes and tubes keep your pet’s ashes safe until you have found the perfect time and place to scatter them.

Wicker Scatter Pouches

These wicker scatter pouches are hand-woven in natural bamboo making them eco-friendly and totally biodegradable. Can be decorated with floral spray and ribbon (available separately).


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or pop in to have a chat with us. Kindly allow up to 14 days for the return of your pet’s ashes.

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